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Birth is not only about making
babies. Birth is about making
mothers – strong,
competent, capable
mothers who trust
themselves and know
their inner strength”.
(Barbara Katz Rothman)




I am the mother of 4 beautiful “children” – born in 1977, 1980, 1986, 1990

My passion about babies and childbirth came with the successive births of my children. Before that, I was trained as a sociologist, worked in personnel and training for two large companies.

The revelation that the different ways people in pain are treated can fundamentally affect their experiences/perceptions of that pain, came to me after my third labour. Numbers 1 and 3 labours were similar in terms of levels of pain - very severe. However, I was treated kindly and respectfully at the third labour; the opposite happened at the first labour. My experience and lasting legacy of the third labour was that it was a joyous event, despite the pain. It was a feeling of "triumph through adversity". The feelings during the first labour, which lasted years after, were very negative. They were resentful and bitter. I now know that this difference was purely because of the differences in the way I was treated.

Number 2 labour was at home, relatively quick and effortless. Number 4 labour was an emergency Caesarean, where I opted for local anaesthetic.

I am thus, experienced personally, in many different types of birth.

Other experience in the area of maternity includes:

  • Trained in 1999 with Sylvia McGinnis as a Doula.

  • Joined "Doula UK"* at its inception, in 2001.

  • Received training from Sheila Kitzinger on debriefing skills in her 'Birth Crisis Workshop', 2002.

  • Trained in relaxing-inducing massage in 2003.

  • Am currently, and have been since 1992, a lay member of the local (West Herts) Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC). This meets four times a year and monitors maternity services in the local area.

  • Trained as a Focus Group Facilitator (leader) in 2000.

  • Conducted a focus group for the West Herts Hospitals in 2003, on ante-natal services. The results were used in re-configuring the local ante-natal services.

  • Became a Research Networker for the National Childbirth Trust in 2001. In this capacity, I read, criticise and summarise current maternity articles and research projects. I also attend conferences on maternity and report on them. This helps me to stay up-to-date on maternity matters.

  • In October 2006, embarked on a Reiki course; I have now completed parts 1and 2 of the course and am therefore able to use this on any women in labour if they so wish . I have occasionally used Reiki on my clients, when directed by them. They have found it can help with pain relief and stimulation of the uterus.

  • Also of help for pain relief and uterine stimulation are my skills in reflexology and homeopathy.

  • In addition, I learnt, through witnessing a Midwife putting this successfully into practice, a process of helping a woman in labour which is a type of “hypnobirthing”. The woman does not need to have practised beforehand so it is not what is normally known as “hypnobirthing”. The women who did this with me, all found it of tremendous help during labour. It seemed to make the difference between being overwhelmed by the contractions and being in control of them.

  • Am a member of a sub-group of DoulaUK – Herts Doulas which can be found on the internet.

  • So far, I have been a Birth Doula for about 20 women. They were all very pleased with the difference my presence made; their partners were similarly very happy. I can let any potential clients have access to assessments that these women and men made about my services. A sample can be read in the “Testimonials” section of this website.

*To find out about "Doula UK" go to www.doula.org.uk


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