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Birth is not only about making
babies. Birth is about making
mothers – strong,
competent, capable
mothers who trust
themselves and know
their inner strength”.
(Barbara Katz Rothman)




Firstly, I will come to see you so that you can decide if you want to employ me as your Doula. This visit will be free of charge. If you decide to employ me as your Doula, we will meet at your house (or other place, if more convenient) ante-natally, at least twice for 1 to 2 hours at a time.

At these meetings, we will discuss your birth preferences and draw up a birth plan. I can also give you some massage to relax you, and show your partner how to do this, if you wish. Additionally, I can demonstrate the hypnobirthing type breathing and the Reiki and reflexology I can administer at the labour. I will also go through the various homeopathic remedies I will have available.

I can refer you to literature and offer you ideas for your birth, to give you more choices.

An important part of my job is to encourage you to look into any areas that worry you, either through the internet or by reading or by asking the relevant medical people. This is so that any decisions you make will be well-informed and you will feel confident that you have made the right choices.

Then, I will be available, at a moment's notice, from 2 weeks before your due date to 2 weeks after. I can attend you at home first, then go with you to hospital, or where you wish.

I will be with you for the duration of the labour and birth and will assist you and your partner at this time. Apart from massage, encouragement etc., I will work to ensure that your wishes are met; that you are treated at all times with kindness and respect; that you are never bullied; and that you are kept as fully informed as possible before any procedure is administered to you, again so you can make the right choice. Basically, I see part of my job as being an advocate for the woman.

Post-natally, I will see you soon after your baby is born, to admire him/her, and to listen to you. We can meet again a few weeks later at your convenience.

This is my Birth Doula package.

Please contact me to discuss the cost of this package.


“We are both very happy that Helen was with us for our amazing birth experience. Her help and support meant so much and played such a big part in our success. I’m delighted that we got the birth we planned and wanted – thanks, Helen.”

Lorna, North London.


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