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Birth is not only about making
babies. Birth is about making
mothers – strong,
competent, capable
mothers who trust
themselves and know
their inner strength”.
(Barbara Katz Rothman)




The word "Doula" is an ancient Greek word, meaning "female slave"!

Nowadays it is used to mean a woman experienced in childbirth, who has been professionally trained to provide continuous physical, emotional and verbal support to a woman during labour and to support her before and after labour.

In olden days, the labouring woman would have had several female supporters around to give her encouragement and love. Nowadays, things have changed; the birth process has become much more medicalised in an effort to make it “safer”. But we have lost a great deal in this change – eg. love, respect, kindness. This can cause an atmosphere of fear to emerge, which can make the woman more tense and cause the circumstances to be LESS safe. The Doula movement emerged to help to redress the balance for the woman in labour – to help to make the modern labour more natural and help it to be in a loving atmosphere even in a medicalised environment. This is possible!

My purpose, as a Doula, is to enable the woman to have as positive an experience of childbirth as possible, whatever her circumstances, so that she can bond well with her baby and so that the new family relationships can have the best possible start. All women in my care will be treated with respect, kindness and dignity.

I am 100% committed to enabling the woman to have the best possible experience she can have in her labour, and to accommodating her wishes whilst not cutting corners on any aspects of safety.


“We are both clear that you being there meant that the birth was such a success and that we were able to have the natural and supported birth that we wanted.” - - - - “I am still inspired how there for her you were through the whole experience.”

David (husband of Rebecca), Twickenham.

“I feel like I could conquer the world”
Rebecca, 10 minutes after the birth – Twickenham.



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